are you ready to transform your life?

Do you FEAR…

• Failure • Success • Rejection • Abandonment • Loneliness • Change
• The unknown • Losing your freedom • Being seen, heard, or judged
• Being found out (imposter syndrome) • Not being worthy
• Not having or being enough!

Does your FEAR leave you feeling stressed, panicked, angry, anxious or depressed?
If you could overcome your fears, what would you have already achieved by now?
Who would you be without your fears and without all your stories?
What would it take for you to overcome all the fear that masks your anger, sadness, guilt, hurt, shame, disappointment and judgement?

At Mindful Impact™ we create a safe and welcoming place for you to overcome your fears and design a future full of exciting opportunities. Imagine being guided and supported to quickly and easily release your limitations and negative emotions, so that you are empowered to generate powerful forward momentum in your life!

Overcome those FEARS and...

• Launch your business • Get that promotion • Heal your body
• Speak in public • Get on that next flight • Write that book
• Welcome change and new opportunities • Embrace personal growth
• Enjoy rewarding relationships • Release your excess weight
• Experience a positive and calm birth • Enhance your parenting skills
• Get excited about your spiritual journey

A life without the limitation of FEAR awaits…
If you are ready, then go ahead and book online now for your free Strategy Call so we can get you moving.
"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein
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In relation to our foster child:
The difference we have seen in him is remarkable. To have a child from a trauma background with violent behaviour change to a settled happy child in the space of a mere few weeks has been amazing. He is managing better at school and has been able to undertake learning activities he wasn't able to before the therapy. We had been seeing a psychologist for 7 months who was still trying to build rapport with him. In the end it was such a chore to get him there that we had to cease that service. You were our absolute last resort. You stepped up to the plate and you didn't give up.
You seemed to build rapport with him very quickly and accepted where he was at. Whilst you addressed his behaviours, you saw beyond that and only saw the good in him. He trusted you from the beginning and he felt safe to open up to you. Helping him work through his trauma from a dissociative position, allowed him to remain in a safe space without feeling threatened.

Thank you so very much ❤

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